Design Dish: Hello, Neighbor


A restaurant should do two things: leave you feeling full and happy. With a robust food scene, many L.A. restaurants can do both, but some have a way of doing it better than others. If you want to go somewhere you feel comfortable and familiar. Where the decor is as amazing as the food, go to Neighbor LA.

The recently opened eatery sits on the unapologetically hip stretch of Abbot Kinney next door to a lavish garden. Marked by a charming blue facade and two little front porch sun spots, Neighbor feels less like another cool Venice restaurant as it does a close friend’s home (it’s actually an old house). That is, until you stroll up the brick steps inside.

The entryway bursts with character at every angle. To the left and right you’re met with seating that blends decadence with familiarity. Where plush velvet sofas in jewel tones, overtly modern brass lighting fixtures, millennial pink chairs, marble accent tables and bohemian-esque area rugs meet welcome you inside.


Head up another short set of stairs and you’re in the bar area—a grand space with a great story and a little bit of history. The space is painted a soft, but noticeable shade of baby pink that is a perfect match for the large 22 seat marble cocktail bar built up from the Jamacian restaurant that occupied the space before. Accents of rose gold and copper enhance the ambiance while a beautiful backlit shelf houses all of the spirits.

The real magic happens as you move outside to the open-air backyard patio. An eclectic mix of furnishings transform this garden lounge into the coolest and most intimate spot in Venice. It’s cozy, it’s colorful, it’s beyond hip with a host of greenery and stylish touches including dome chairs to a cheerful cozy yellow sofa and vintage-inspired fans. 

And while the decor is mezmorizing, the fare and the cocktails are equally as entrancing. Headed by Chef Joshua Luce, Neighbor’s food is New American. The avocado toast arrives at your table like art decorated with shades of purple and peppered with pistachios. The pancakes make you rethink every one you’ve ever tasted before, while something as simple as eggs and homemade sausage soars to new heights.

Cocktails here are strong and beautiful–much like the overall essence of Neighbor.  

What Neighbor has done better than any other L.A. restaurant, besides take all of your decor dreams and transform them into a real life, is make you feel like you’ve been here hundreds of times before. The beautiful and inviting space, the cool, but not too cool vibe and the food, have set this place apart and we’re into it. You know what they say, love they neighbor. 

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