Out on the Town: A Ride into Lifestyle


On November 29, 2018 textile manufacturer Alcantara hosted ‘A Ride into Lifyestyle’ at the Peterson Automotive Museum in L.A.. The pop-up exhibit artistically reimagines the intersections of luxury fashion, design, technology, art and engine that Alcantara is recognized for globally. 


Curated by artist and designer Rebecca Moses, “Ride into Lifestyle” is an experience that takes guests through an imaginary landscape that celebrates symbols of contemporary style and outsized objects that reveal the extraordinary. 

Rebecca Moses, Alcantara Chairman Andrea Boragno

Vera Wang, Andrea Borgano


“We are very excited to be here, in the beautiful framework of the Petersen Museum of Los Angeles. The “A Ride Into Lifestyle” event represents an extraordinary occasion for Alcantara® to strengthen its capability to master all the realities of contemporary lifestyle, from fashion to automotive, from hi-tech to interior design, always combining tradition and innovation under the banner of authentic Made in Italy quality,” says Andrea Boragno, Alcantara’s Chairman and CEO. “Thanks to our privileged long-time relationship with the world of art and design, Alcantara® embodies elegance, style and beauty”.

Alexis Wallsh, Julia Labaton, Andrew Joseph 

For more information visit: http://www.alcantara.com/en/2017/92/index.do

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