Designer Crush: Kazuko Hoshino of Studio William Hefner


1. You studied sculpture in Japan and graphic design in Los Angeles; how did you eventually transition into interior design?

I never liked the 2D of graphic design, so sculpture was perfect for me because I was able to work in 3-D. The transition from sculpture to interior design felt intuitive because interior design is 3-D and involves many different elements.

2. You believe the dialogue between space and decor begins early in the design process — how do you begin that dialogue and why is it important to start it sooner than later?

I believe it essential to begin early on in the design process. I want to learn how my clients live and what they want from their space. I often ask how they want the space to feel; comfortable and serene? Exciting? Once I understand the clients needs I also take into account that there is so much more than just placing furniture pieces and décor, it’s the details in the walls, the ceiling shape, the look of the door. All of these elements affect the furniture pieces. When we start early the space is more intergrated.

3. Why are custom designs so important in your work?

Custom designs are important to my work because they’re one of kind. Because of the internet I feel like everything looks the same so a custom design allows you to have something unique in your home.

4. How does your background in fine art contribute to your current projects?

My background in fine art has allowed me to explore interior design in a way that isn’t always about the furniture and traditional pieces. I love to create custom pieces in the spaces I work on. I love to introduce pieces that are not necessarialy used all the time.

5. In what ways does your home country of Japan influence your work?

I believe it has influenced my work to be very edited. It’s a cliché answer, but less is more, and it’s true —  I am very edited in all that I do.

6. What does California style mean to you?

California style to me is elegant, comfortable, and filled with lots of sun.

7. Describe your dream vacation.

A dream vacation to me would be to visit a coastal city where I can stay in beautiful hotels, eat fantastic seafood, and discover new materials. Whenever I travel I get so inspired by what I see and experience.

Lightning round!

8. Heels or sneakers?


9. Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

10. Home cooking or fine dining?


11. Beyonce or Rihanna?


12. Beach or mountains?


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