Great Baths: Lights, camera, texture!


It takes a lot to make an impresssion at the San Francisco Decorater Showcase, the annual event that features the transformation of a home by some of the Bay Area’s best design pros. Geddes Ulinskas Architects made a statement with boldly textured walls and an innovative use of materials. At the same time, they provided some great design inspiration.

For Adele Salierno, senior associate at the firm, playing with the walls in this bathroom adds an element of suprise and provides a counterpoint to the usual. “Adding textured surfaces is an unexpected way to balance otherwise smooth and sleek bathroom designs,” she says.

The surprise starts in the shower, where architects cialis selected a hand-chiseled finish from Cambria Quartz. The uneven, assymetrical surface adds a sculptural element to the shower walls, making it spotlight worthy.


Speaking of spotlights: Texture continues in the vanity backsplash, where the architects took simple drinking glasses, installed the tumblers (on their sides, bottoms out) floor to ceiling and backlit them. The effect is of a traditional, light-ringed bathroom mirror—but with an oversize, elegant twist. When turned on, the wall seems to vanish, leaving softly glowing orbs and two mirrors. But, lights on or off, you have an interesting surface.

It’s the use of interesting surfaces that makes for a modern take on the bath. The design ride isn’t smooth, but it’s captivating.





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