Designer Crush: Michele Morgan


1. How did you first get started in design?

I was originally working as personal trainer and decided I needed a different trade and went back to school. As a student, I also took a job at a lighting store and then onto an Ethan Allen Furniture store to support myself. Soon after, my mother became ill which led me to quit my job and take care of her, but I needed a source of income. This is when I first started my business, Michele Morgan Interiors soon to be renamed The Right Color. I realized so many people needed assistance with color and from there I found my passion for home and commercial design.
2. You’re a singer, artist and painter, how do those various talents inform your design work?

I was born with that natural artistic sense for color, which is portrayed in my art, music, and design business. I grew up as a desert kid in Apple Valley which led me to dream big and visualize just about anything. I have placed many of my own art pieces, my son’s art and other artists I love in the homes and offices of my clients.
3. What is your process for getting to know a client?

Clients call in designers because they cannot answer all the questions themselves, and they may be afraid to make a mistake. I let my clients get to know me first by suggesting a startup project to test out. This way, I get to know them and see if we are both satisfied with the fit.
4. What inspired you to found The Right Color in 2003 and what distinguishes the company’s mission?

It all started because I needed a job and I needed freedom to take care of my mom. From there, I realized my own passion for art and helping people. My mission is to help all clients see their vision for an incredible new environment and I do my best to make their dream home come alive.
5. How do you define California style?

I believe there is no one true California style. We generally think of California as warm-eclectic. But to me, there is no limit on design. We are a wonderful blend of races and cultures.
6. Describe your dream vacation.

I want to go to Poland as I’m half Polish! I have not been there yet, but very soon! A dream vacation for me is to enjoy the time to wander and lust.
7. Who is your dream celebrity client and what kind of home would you love to create for them?

I laugh at this one…Mathew McConaughey. (Camila can go shopping while I work with Matt, ha!) On a serious note, I’d want to create a home that says, “I’m home!” I’m sure he has no time to rest and not enough time with his family so I’d love to create a relaxed but beautiful atmosphere.  
Lightning round!
8. Early bird or night owl?

Early bird!
9. Road tripper or jet setter?

In between both of those. As I mentioned, I’m a desert kid that came to Orange County. I enjoy both!
10. Jeans and a t-shirt or dress and heels?

Jeans and a cool top everyday but I also like to fit the occasion.
11. Sun and sand or snow and skis?

Sun and sand, I love the beach. It’s my favorite location to live and work. 

12. Biggest role models?

Poet Maya Angelou and artist Kenton Nelson.

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