Bathroom Trends: Bold patterns, classic color combos and unexpected finishes


We asked some of California’s noted designers what’s new and interesting in bath design, and they stepped forward with fresh ideas and inspiration.

Statement tile

Photography by Aubrie Pick

Designer Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living says that when it comes to tile design, geometric forms that are both subtle and striking are on point. As an example, she provides a bath she designed where the geometric pattern is bold, but done completely (and subtly) in marble. “The tone-on-tone linear pattern adds a visual interest while keeping the overall aesthetic calm and soothing,” she says.

Black-and-white classics

Photography by Eric Rorer

The bathroom is a space that’s costly to renovate, so many consumers are looking for color palettes, finishes and fixtures with staying power. Triggs suggests working with black-and-white for a timeless look. “It never goes out of style,” she says.

In this bathroom, she has it both ways, using the classic color combo but adding drama and a modern look with a larger scale pattern. “They are dramatic without being overbearing,” she says. “The secret lies in the larger scale of the pattern which adds impact to a smaller space while keeping the overall design from being too busy.”

Mixing classic and contemporary

Photography by Christopher Stark

Interior designer Molie Malone also likes to play with designs classic and cutting edge. In a bathroom she designed recently, she showcased the concept by mixing Lucite light sconces with ornate wallpaper. “It brings just the right amount of tension and balance to the design,” she says.

Heavy metal bathtubs

Photography by Christopher Stark

To give bathrooms an air of luxury without being stuffy or formal, designer Anna Lisa Avelar of A.L. Interiors sometimes selects bathtubs with metallic finishes. “It’s also a great choice for bathrooms with low natural light,” she says. “The reflective surface can really brighten a space up.”


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