15 Minutes with…Gulla Jónsdóttir


Sensual, harmonious and environmentally conscious are just a few ways to describe the work of the the effortlessly chic architect Gulla Jónsdóttir. Born in Iceland, Jónsdóttir relocated to Los Angeles to study architecture and later worked for Richard Meier, Walt Disney Imagineering and Dodd Mitchell Design. Now, with an outstanding portfolio of interior design projects, a dynamic furniture collection and a number of hotels (in 2017 alone, she designed six hotels) developed by the firm she founded, the dynamic architect shares her thoughts on the present and the future.

How have living in Iceland and L.A. shaped your work?

The nature in Iceland always inspires me while the multicultural community in L.A. is very enlightening and enhances my appreciation of diferent styles, colors and more.

How do you believe architecture can in uence cultural dynamics?

Architecture plays a big role in telling the history of our culture throughout time. Now, with the growing importance of building environmentally sound, site-specific spaces, we will further influence future designers to be in harmony with nature. In the end, if there is beauty around, it will increase all of our happiness.

What material are you most eager to work with?

I would like to see more stylishly designed solar panels that work with curvaceous buildings.

What is your next big project?

I am completing the first hotel in West Hollywood’s Design District, the La Peer hotel, and soon will be finishing the penthouses at the Hotel G in San Francisco’s Union Square.

What visual artist are you currently most excited about?

Video artist Bill Viola.

Favorite hotel in the world?
Baccarat Hotel in New York City and all of the Aman resorts in Bali.

If you didn’t live in L.A., where you would live?

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