Cool Collab Alert: Odabashian + Emmett Moore














Since 1921 Odabashian has “weaved stories” into beautiful rugs by hand. Known for their strategic collaborations with architects, artists and designers, the historic brand announced the launch of their latest partnership with Miami-based artist Emmett Moore today, at the Collective Design fair open in New York. 

Videodrome, 2018

Rolling in my 5.0, 2018


The five-piece collection unveils Moore’s perspective on the junction between today’s digital design process and physical production methods. Digitally altered grid-based arrangements, bold checkers and geometric patterns inpsired by stone and terazzo are laid on natural material, exploring the duality of digital and physical. A few of the rugs even feature a visibale watermark, referencing both the provenance and Moore’s digital treatment. 

The Mutiny, 2018

 Each piece is on display at the Nina Johnson Gallery space, showing currently at the Collective Design fair March 9-11, 2018. 

Trapper Keeper, 2018

Natural Born Killer, 2018

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