Three Ways with Tile


When interior designer Carolyn Rebuffel was asked to redesign this house, the client attended their first meeting with a piece of Heath Tile in her hand. “I knew we would use it,” says the designer. “She loved it and, in subtle ways, it drove most of the design.”

The finished home has three dramatic tile moments, and it starts at the front door. We asked Rebuffel to tell us about the installations.

Tile in entryway floors nothing new—but tile on the entry wall is something unusual. Given that it’s a small, narrow area, the designer didn’t have much floor space, so she looked to the vertical plane. Rebuffel decided to jazz up this wall with tile from Heath Ceramics, making what she described as a “very blah” entry into an exciting greeting.

The black-and-gold color combination Rebuffel chose is having a moment, but after looking at other options, she determined the moment is a lasting one. “I feared brass might be too trendy,” she says. “But when we compared other colors it just looked so much better than polished nickel.” The oversize hex tile from Mercury Mosaics brings drama to the small room.

In the kid’s bath, things take a fun turn. “We went through many iterations before we landed on this blue,” Rebuffel says of the vibrant Fireclay tile. “We wanted something light and reminiscent of the beach. Morning time can be a challenging time for kids, and I wanted something that would get them excited to get up and get ready for the day.”

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