Cool Spaces: For Adults Only


As we head toward June, many households are about the undergo the seismic shift that occurs when kids go off to college and nests are emptied. But the truth is, the nests are just “empty-ish.” After all, when students leave for college, they are bound to back on the first holiday.

That is the case for this Bay Area family, clients of Leslie Price of Price Style and Design. The client’s daughter is heading for university, and wanted a place in her family home that was befitting her age. “The goal was to give her a sophisticated and more grown up space to come home to during college breaks,” says Price. “Having lived with her trundle bed and walls filled with posters for years, both she and her mom were excited to create an environment that exuded maturity, and reflected the woman she’s become.”

Price set the tone with a color palette of whites, lavenders and blues. Light-colored furniture, mostly in shades of white, was chosen to blend in with the background and reflect the natural light. Into this airy atmosphere, the designer layered in cool, rich colors of blue (a oversize bolster pillow, an armchair and a throw) and violet (a flatweave rug).

The artwork was chosen with the room’s young occupant, and it reflects both places she’s been and places where she wishes to travel. By the window, Price placed a swivel chair. “It’s a place to read by the window or relax and put her feet up on the bed.  It’s her room after all!” she says. 


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