Out on the Town: Neoclassicists host a Garden Soirée

On April 5, The Southern California Neoclassicists hosted a garden soirée and presentation on the geometry of nature by Erik Evens of Evens Architects at Charles Jacobsen, purveyor of fine antique furnishing.

Katie, Lynnea Schwieters, Sabin

Stephanie & party guest

Evens Architect gave an illuminating talk on the fractal geometry of nature, educating guests on the parallels between the abstract mathematical realm and the processes of generating the beautiful form in the natural world.

John Margolis, Lynnea Schwieters, Diane Sipos

Erik Evens lecture

Jeff Haas, Donna Livingston, Matt Ross

The architecture and design community enjoyed refreshments & light bites in the garden with a moonlight garden patio. A special thanks to our sponsors; Paradise Home Theatre and Creston.

Hosts from Charles Jacobsen, Michael & guest


Matt Ross, Jeff Haas, Jennifer Whitmer, Camille StCyr, guest

The mission of the Neoclassicists, in collaboration with ICAA, is to advance the appreciation and practice of the principles of traditional architecture and its allied arts by engaging educators, professionals, students, and enthusiasts.  http://classicist-socal.org/membership



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