You Can Do It: Orlando Soria’s Get It Together Uncovers The Mysteries Of Decorating



After getting his start on HGTV, Orlando Soria has made his way to the upper strata of the blogosphere with Hommemaker, his engaging blog about home décor, art, style, and life. His distinctive voice — funny, confessional, and honest — freely pokes fun at his life and his neuroses, while dispensing decor and style advice that is down-to-earth and on target. 


In his first book, Get It Together, Soria compiles his most original, endearing, and irreverent tips in one gorgeous book that will help readers out of all kinds of tight spots—whether it’s how to throw a dinner party on little money, how to hang art like a gallery owner, or how to host a guest (complete with a to-do list and what to have on hand). 

In sections on interior style, design, “Homme Life,” DIY, and general life lessons, Soria offers recommendations such as “How to Make Non-Garbagey Flower Arrangements” and “How to Deal with a Soul-Sucking Breakup.” He helps readers problem solve, avoid rookie mistakes, and choose a wall color that won’t they won’t regret. 

Soria’s zany tone belies a serious understanding of how to create spaces that are warm, modern and inviting. “Don’t be scared to try your hand at design,” he counsels, “You are already better at it than you  know. Any mistake you make can be fixed. You are a goddamn design genius and you can do it.” Accompanied by photographer Zeke Ruelas’s stunning images, the book underscores Soria’s commitment to designing homes that are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to live in. His unique and highly contagious take on life will inspire, comfort, and reassure you that anyone can Get It Together!

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