Designer Crush: Nicole Myer of MYER SF


1. How has being a Bay Area native influenced your signature style?

I’m not sure that I have a signature style. I very much appreciate the crazy natural beauty of the Bay Area and am inspired by the colors and atmosphere found here on the coast, but everything I make is an experiment. I’m pretty decisive about what I end up liking or not, so in that sense my pillows are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of the landscape I grew up in.

2. What about the time you spent living in the Caribbean? How did that impact your aesthetic?

My time in St Thomas taught me to slow down and be more aware of myself and my surroundings. The island is very colorful, alive and vibrant. Not just in literal color, but also in music, food and culture. These combined elements had an intense influence, not just on my use of color and patterns, but many other aspects of my life as well.

3. How did you get started in textiles and why did you eventually specialize in pillows?

I have been knitting and sewing as a hobby since high school. I love to make other things in addition to pillows, particularly one off clothing items for myself, my son, or other friends and family. I really enjoy making pillows because they are so versatile and can make such an impact on a space, yet they are not complicated.  Because I enjoy the process of creating from initial design to final construction, pillows are the perfect solution to fulfill that creative need.

4. Why do you primarily work with linens and cottons?

I prefer natural materials and they are classics that are easy to manipulate and care for.

5. You occasionally incorporate found textiles such as Mali mud cloth or cashmere scarves; what makes a certain piece stand out to you and how do you know you just have to work with it?

I don’t have a specific formula or criteria. I have a pretty instant and decisive opinion as to whether or not I like something and I guess that it’s based on if it makes me feel something nostalgic or a positive association to something. Often times a memory or feeling that takes me back to travels and time spent in the Caribbean, which circles back to how my time spent living there has affected my aesthetic.

6. Who have been some of the most influential artists and designers in your life and why?

I find inspiration in pretty much anyone and anything creative, but the first few who come to mind are Henri Rousseau, Kelly Wearstler and Thomas Campbell. Henri Rousseau is probably my all time favorite artist. His paintings are smooth, lush, moody and once again – tropical. His use of color is a huge inspiration in that it is somehow simultaneously both vibrant and subtle. Kelly Wearstler is a genius at combining many different and often opposing elements, patterns and colors and it works. I love her fearlessly eclectic style and the way she designs based on what looks good to her as opposed to following any rules. The first (and only) piece of artwork I purchased was a framed photograph from Thomas Campbell. He inspires me in two specific ways. One, his art is born out of his life’s passion, surfing, so even when he is not in the water he’s still constantly surrounded by and mentally focused on what is his life. Two, his art spans multiple disciplines. He’s a sculptor and photographer, makes films, paints, draws and sews. His creativity is limitless.

7. If you could give the 15-year-old Nicole any advice, what would it be?

Take a step back and really appreciate how fortunate you are. To slow down and relish the moment.

8. Who’s your dream celebrity client and why?

That’s a hard one because there are so many. I would say Donald Glover because he is so insanely creative and brilliant that it would be an invaluable experience to get to interpret something at his description.

Lightning round!

9. Popcorn or red vines?


10. Tattoos: Yay or nay?


11. Party hard or hardly party?

Hardly party.

12. Host with the most or enthusiastic guest?

Enthusiastic guest.

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