Designer Crush: Deirdre Doherty


1. How did you get your start in design?

Interior design was something that I loved doing as a hobby so I decided to go back to school. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. My first job was an internship and I hit the ground running designing 4 fireplaces and 6 bathrooms in my first month — lots of details for a newbie. Prior to starting my own company, I worked for well-known designer/developers project managing construction remodels. We managed all aspects of the process from design concepts, decorating and even landscaping. cialis 20mg At that time, I didn’t have visions of my own design firm, but a few clients pulled me aside and encouraged me to go out on my own, and the rest is history.

2. How do you define “California style”?

The elements I feel define California style are relaxed elegance and individuality with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. I have never had a client ask me to create a stuffy room where the furnishings collect dust. California style, just like the state, varies so much depending on where you live so there is no set rule. In Los Angeles, in particular the West side, lends itself to causal and easygoing beach style. The Hollywood Hills tends to be more modern glam while the Eastside is a bit more vintage bohemian. We Angelenos are an eclectic mix and our interiors reflect that!

3. Tell us about your work on Simone Restaurant.

The restaurant is situated in the historic Arts District in downtown Los Angeles in a cool brick building built in 1907. My client sees it as a place people will gather to eat amazing food, have delicious drinks and create lots of happy memories for years to come. It has been an incredible team effort with a great group of people. Guests can expect some surprising art and lighting details that I am excited for everyone to see.

4. What are some of your favorite design trends over the last few years and what are some fads you wish would fade away?

As far as new trends, I am excited that soft curved furniture and color are making a comeback. I am also happy that the general public is seeing the beauty in upcycling with vintage furniture finds.

I don’t subscribe to design trends as much as I strive to create something that brings out the beauty of the architecuture and exeplifies the client’s personality. That being said I am bored of edison bulbs and patchwork mismatched encaustic tile. I could probably hang my hat on the fact that red toned wood should never come back ever?

5. Describe one of your most memorable projects.

One recent bathroom remodel in particular stands out. I showed the client three materials, a floor plan and sketch and told them, “it will look sort of something like this.”  The client left for a few months and I refined the design as we built. One day, I realized the risk I was taking with the client not seeing the progress in person. I debated demoing the tile and redoing the pattern to be more tame. The sage advice, “if it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, you aren’t pushing any boundaries” was offered to me by a designer friend and I decided to see the vision out. Lesson learned because the client liked it so much, they then asked me to remodel their other bathroom!

6. Who’s your dream celebrity client and why?

I have been lucky to already actually live this dream with clients who understand the more trust and space creative people are given, the harder they work to create something new and different. So I think that narrows it down to someone who is in love with artistry and detail. I’m not sure it gets better than that for a designer.

7. What would your ideal vacation look like?

I am an outdoor girl, foodie and cultural explorer at heart so anything that marries those three things is ideal. Lisbon, Portugal has an amazing architecural scene, great restaurants and the beaches aren’t far away. Island hopping in Greece was magic. Swimming with a pod of dolphins in Hawaii and floating for hours in the salty waters of Barbados have been chart topppers so far. I’m looking forward to exploring New Zeland, Australia and Iceland sometime very soon.

Lightning round!

8. Indoor bike or outdoor hike?

Outdoor hike.

9. Netflix or night out?

Netflix and chill.

10. Early bird or night owl?

Hooting with the owls.

11. Dance machine or wallflower?

Ice, ice baby.

12. Waffle or sugar cone?

Smell of a waffle cone taste of sugar cone.

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