Out on the Town: The 4th Annual Designer Mix-Off


California Home+Design and Studio Becker hosted the 4th Annual Designer Mix-Off competition at the Studio Becker San Francisco Showroom for over 350 guests on May 16, 2018.  This unique competition gave prominent Bay Area designers; Annie Lowengart, Emilie Munroe, Geoffrey De Sousa, Kendall Wilkinson and Paul Vincent Wiseman, the chance to show their creative abilities beyond interior design and rise to the challenge of concocting a clever cocktail. 

Alison Heather, Aaron Gordon, Roar Vaernes

Robert Templon, Kelly Stucker, Ali Grosslight


Anna Turpit, Megan Myers, Courtney Ferry

The De Sousa team

Alisa Lapina, Juan Carlos Fernandez, Alan Hopkins, Amy Scott

The competition was fierce as each designer put on a show while shaking up their innovative libation with dazzling costumes and set design. The winning cocktail was awarded to Paul Vincent Wiseman in collaboration with Cosentino for his “The Time’s Up Martini” – recipe below! 

Xander and Emilie Munroe

Geoffrey De Sousa mixing up his cocktail

Competitor Annie Lowengart

Host Terry McLaughlin and competitor Kendall Wilkinson

Winner Paul Vincent Wiseman

The TIME’S UP Martini
Serve in a black martini glass
Served Clean
-2  oz Belvedere vodka
-½  oz extra-dry vermouth
-1  sphere ice cube 1-3/4” in diameter
-¼ ” lemon peel surrounding the ice cube sphere
Served Dirty
2  oz Belvedere vodka
½  oz extra-dry vermouth
¼  oz olive juice
1  sphere ice cube 1-3/4” in diameter
¼ ” lemon peel surrounding the ice cube sphere
Speared olives available on the side

Amanda Edwards, Kathy Bloodworth, Iyohna Pendleton, Kiara Thompson

Peter West, Jeff Holt, Alex Bie, Jared Hunt

Teresa Kintz, Roshie Larijani, Michael Stein, Gabriella Coyne

George Brazil

Mayela Solis, Danielle Johnson, Olivia Chapman Goss, Jason Cathcart

 We want to thank Roar Vaernes, Kevin Coughlin and Robert Templon from Studio Becker for their generous support and our sponsors Cambria, Cosentino and Neolith

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