India Hicks and The Ambitionista Collaborate to Empower Women


India Hicks and Heidi Nazarudin, both driven entrepreneurs and rock star girl bosses, hosted an intimate cocktail party and conversation at India Hick’s Santa Monica office.

India Hicks, descendant of design royalty and Heidi Nazarudin, also known as The Ambitionista, is the founder of the blog, where she empowers work-focused professional women in their daily lives. Heidi is also the co-founder of a blogging network of social influencers and founder of Marque Media, a branding, website and social media agency.

The event, moderated by the Ambitionista, focused around India’s unique journey, from growing up being expected to live a traditional Duchess life to starting and running her own lifestyle brand.  The talk provided advice from India on being a woman in the workplace, starting your own business and tips on running a successful brand. 

The event also highlighted India’s Summer of Giving initiative with her #100days100K program. India’s tribe of extraordinary women will donate a percentage of their sales to support a cause, charity or foundation of their choice to reach their goal of $100,000.

Heidi Nazarudin, Bethany Morgan


Jennifer Solum, Lorena Craven, Nathalie Bagby, Lori Middleton, Elle Feldman


Samantha Innes, Harlene Dryden, Kayci Stubia

 Whitney Bower, carrie Tyler, Fran Berger, Brandi Kamenar

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