Step Into a Sweet, Surreal Experience From FriendsWithYou at Westfield San Francisco Centre


Starting this month, the historic dome of Westfield San Francisco Centre is looking a little more cheery, courtesy of artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, otherwise known as fine art collaborative FriendsWithYou.

Borkson and Sandoval have earned a reputation for communal art pieces designed to heal, empower, and encourage people to practice self-love and compassion. The duo work with paint, sculpture, live performances, virtual reality, and animation to cultivate accessible, honest awareness and connection.

“We view the cloud emblem as an enduring symbol of love and light,” the artists said in a press release. “It has the power to transcend the viewer to a relaxed and joyous state, revealing that everything in our world has a soul and a purpose – a spiritual essence. This animist perspective reflects in FriendsWithYou’s work as a sweet visual soundscape, casting a positive message of happiness and connectivity.”

Colorful seating is situated throughout San Francisco Centre’s rotunda space to provide a fun, social environment for friends and family to enjoy the experience. The installation opened May 15th and will be on view through October underneath the historic 102-foot-wide steel and glass dome and rotunda.

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