Open Studios: The Fearless Flower


Floral design is commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings and funerals. However, Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Lineberger sees the craft differently. She began her career in high school by assisting a local florist, where her passion for vibrant varietals flourished as well as the desire to cultivate her own fearless approach and aesthetic. “One of the main inspirations for my work was simply to do the opposite of what everyone else was trying to do,” says Lineberger.

Through focus, determination and experimentation, Lineberger’s path led her to work for iconic floral design teams. Now on her own, she often shares the creative spotlight with her partner in life and work, Awol Erizku, a mixed-media artist whose style of blending saturated colors with pop culture references have quickly made him an icon. When perusing his portfolio, you will see touches of Lineberger’s flowers placed strategically throughout several pieces. Many might recognize their most notable collaboration, which basically broke the internet—a photo by Erizku of a pregnant Beyoncé, emerging from a large floral archway by Lineberger.

Another one of their installations that sparked a wave of imitators, Ask the Dust (2015), featured a vintage red car with flowers exploding from the windows, hood and trunk. Currently almost every fashion ad campaign features florals, leaving one wondering if Lineberger’s work is the source of the inspiration. She recently launched Hand & Rose, a floral truck much like a vintage ice cream truck, which serves up scoops of locally grown, seasonal florals along the streets of Los Angeles. Lineberger notes, “I like to support local, family-owned small growers who specialize in specific breeds.” Her commitment to the Southern California floral community and unconventional contributions to the global art world has us anxiously awaiting more.


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