Designer Crush: Lindsay Anyon Brier


1. How did you get your start in design?

I like to say it goes way back to being an infant in my mother’s Russian Hill antique store. As a child of an antique shop owner and a real estate developer, I have long been enamored with art and design. I studied both History of Architecture and Studio Art in college, in preparation for a career in design, which was formalized when I went to work for the gallery, Foster-Gwin in Jackson Square.

2. How did growing up in the Bay Area influence your style?

My childhood in San Francisco had an enormous influence on my perspective and style. I remember visiting my parent’s friends in the Bay Area and being fascinated by their eclectic lifestyles.

I was also inspired by the variety of architecture and design in the area, which ranged from a Berkeley bungalow and a sprawling Woodside estate to a mid-century house in Marin or a classic Victorian in the city. My father worked for a real estate developer so I occasionally got to hang out at his job sites and explore incredible locations such as Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, Napa Valley.

I remember my parents selling their cottage in Noe Valley and buying a dilapidated former commune in the Berkeley Hills, which they meticulously renovated. So, throughout my childhood, design was everywhere and art was everywhere. I was also fortunate to go to an independent school in Berkeley, where individuality and expression was encouraged.

4. What’s your process for getting to know a client?

I listen and don’t always say a lot at first. I observe and listen! I try to understand their family dynamic and lifestyle, how they live in their current home, where and how they travel and how they entertain. 

5. Tell us about one of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on.

Working with my aunt and uncle on their dream weekend retreat in Sonoma County was very special and I also got to spend time there with my children and cousins. The project was challenging in that the architecture is inspired by old world Mediterranean and was executed in an incredibly thoughtful way but we didn’t want it to be heavy and dated on the interiors. I also could not ignore the architecture and do something too contemporary so I went with furnishings that are fairly neutral with an emphasis on texture and material. It is always both challenging and gratifying to create a family retreat but of course all of that is heightened when it is your own family!

6. Why the decision to launch Anyon Atelier, and how has the space evolved since its launch in 2013?

The desire to follow in my mother’s footsteps and have a home store was always in the back of my mind. When an opportunity to open Anyon ( on Sacramento Street presented itself, I knew it was the right time. We have grown so much since 2013! We have now become an award-winning shopping destination, known for our one-of-a-kind vintage finds, artisan-made objects and contemporary furnishings.  We’ve also becoming known as a gallery, attracting art collectors, through showcasing the work of fine artists. I’ve always considered art curation an important part of interior design.

7. What’s a design trend you love? One you loathe?

Sisal and Jute rugs in formal spaces are always a fantastic California look so, this is a trend that still reads current and chic. I like that in California we don’t take ourselves too seriously so, while there may be incredible furnishings or art, we ultimately value comfort and fun.

I tend to hate accent walls, though occasionally I’ll see one done really well. I proposed that if you’re going to wallpaper the room, go for gold and do the entire room!

8. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I have a strong affinity for London as my grandmother is from Ealing and, obviously, it’s an incredible place for art & design!

Lightning round!

8. Apples or oranges?

Apples. I have a tree in my garden.

9. Hip hop or alt rock?

Hip Hop. All my friends could attest to that.

10. High heels or sneakers?

Could not live without sneakers or high heels.

11. Hardcover or paperback?


12. Movie or museum?

That’s a hard one…museum by day and movie by night. 

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