Croft House Pops Up in San Francisco


From August 27 to October 27, 2018 Croft House will have their uber cool furniture collections that are made in Los Angeles, on display at Batch in San Francisco. While the brand is already a big hit in the Northern California market, the collections have never been shown in a local showroom. For this limited time only, their most popular pieces, the Sierra Chair and Rivera Sofa as well as several new credenzas – the Bronson, Kings, Brooks, the Latigo Side Table and Dining Chairs and a new custom leather Sierra Chair, will be available at the Batch showroom located at 1648 Pacific AvenueWe sat down with Alex Segal and Riley Rea, the dynamic design duo behind Croft House, to find out they decided to heat things up in San Francisco. 

Rivera Sofa

Sierra Chair

 Why did you decide to launch in San Francisco?

We’ve been excited about the San Francisco market for a few years. We feel like it’s a very natural fit for the Croft House aesthetic. It’s already our second biggest market after Los Angeles, and we constantly have potential customers asking where they can see our pieces in the city.  Until Batch launched, we haven’t had anywhere to send them!  Furniture is a very experiential industry – you want to touch and feel a sofa before investing in one.  Batch and San Francisco are a great opportunity for us to give customers the opportunity to do just that!

Bronson Credenza


-Why was Batch the perfect showroom for this exclusive experience? 

We were very intrigued by the opportunity to dip our toes in the water of a new market before fully taking the plunge.  The opportunity to sample a new market, without the full build out of a pop up or new showroom, almost seemed too good to be true; so when we found Batch in San Francisco, we jumped at the chance! 

Brooks Credenza


-How do you think designers in the Bay Area will respond to your collections?  

We’re looking forward to finding out. In spite of the fact that the Bay Area is our second biggest market, many of the designers who purchase from us have only ever seen the pieces they’ve bought for clients. We can’t wait to showcase more of our collection, as well as meet the local designers and customers at our event on September 6th.  We think designers will see that our California Modern furniture is suited to more than just SoCal.  

Kings Credenza

Latigo Dining Chair


-Which new products will you be showcasing at BATCH during your San Francisco run?  

We’re showing a lot of our classics, like the Sierra Chair and Rivera Sofa, since those are the pieces customers are most often searching for. They are two of our signature pieces that we feel define our aesthetic and remain incredibly unique to our POV.  We are including a couple of new pieces that we’re excited about though, including several new credenzas – the BronsonKingsBrooks, our Latigo Side Table and Latigo Dining Chairs, and a new custom leather Sierra Chair that we love. 

Sierra Chair in Havana

Latigo Side Table


Come meet the makers of Croft House at BATCH on September 6, at 5pm; 1648 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109. 


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