Made Local: City of Artists


One of Los Angeles most desired design destinations, Hammer and Spear is known for sharing the prolific work of local artists. Here the couple who started it all, Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell, share insights on the current lineup of Los Angeles-based artists on display at their La Cienega showroom.




“Kristan works with monumental blocks of industrial styrofoam, rhythmically cutting them with burning wire filaments, and then either casting them in bronze or applying a mineral coating. The pieces make us think, what if James Turrell worked with matter instead of light?” — Scott Jarrell



“Eunbi’s imagination and virtuosity with the ceramic medium is astounding. The intricate architectural forms and delicate glazing work that goes into each piece exceeds anything we’ve seen. Think Mayan temple meets Le Corbusier as a votive or vase.” — Kristan Cunningham



“To do something simply is the most complex act. That sentiment really captures Mary’s process. She is a purist, only working in raw canvas and creating the sculptural surfaces with measurement and surface.” — Scott Jarrell



“Galia’s massive stoneware pieces are guardians, both protectors and participants in the spirit world. Most of the works are anthropomorphized, but she thinks of the vessels in this way. The raw feeling of life her works convey is hard to explain, but you simultaneously feel witness to an ancient civilization.” — Kristan Cunningham

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