Edifice Complex: Cool Buildings, Hot Architects


Design and architecture enthusiasts alike enjoyed a new lecture series, “Design Inside/Out”, put on this summer by the Pacific Design Center.  Hosted by a packed Crestron showroom, the design panel, “Edifice Complex: Cool Buildings, Hot Architects” discussed the design complexities of contemporary architecture, digging deep into the extraordinary precision and mechanics to creating a functional livable space.

Karl Borowiec, senior sales manager, Sky-Frame; Mario Romano, president, Mario Romano, Live in Art; Joseph Spierer, president/owner, Joseph Spierer Architects

The panel included architecture and design experts Joseph Spierer of his renowned architectural firm, Karl Borowiec of Sky-Frame, the world’s leading sliding window systems, contemporary home builder Mario Romano who famously built The Wave House and builder and designer Shubin Donaldson to a full room of attendees.

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