Out on the Town: Boldly Celebrating Jay Jeffers’ New Book


San Francisco’s coolest designers and creatives gathered to celebrate the debut of Jay Jeffers’ second book, Be Bold: Bespoke Modern Interiors, an exquisite arrangemet of Jeffers’ most vibrant interior design projects. Guests came out in their fiercest looks to pay tribute to the book’s theme while enjoying an array of bold surprises.  

Tristan Butterfield, Jamie Martin

Matt Fadness, Shawn and Reese Forbes

Candace Cavannaugh, Christopher Stark, Darren Geise, Emma Rebeay

Michael Purdy


From an artistic balloon installation to a mural by Area Environments that made for a stunning photo booth and a colorful make-up booth, the evening – planned by Jay’s husband and brand director Michael Purdy – just like the book, was exhilarating, captivating and playful. 

Lickfolz, Molly Hillderbrand, Justine Macfee, Lucy Dwyer

Dana Dowell, Tiffany Groh Cummins

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