Out on the Town: Minotti’s 70th Anniversary Celebration at the Iconic Sheats-Goldstein Residence


Over 150 guests came out to celebrate Minotti’s 70th world-wide anniversary at the iconic Sheats-Goldstein residence. Roberto Minotti, his daughter, Susanna, and nephew Alessandro were present at the epic celebration, to applaud Minotti Los Angeles founder Mary Ta for her vision in creating the first U.S. mono-brand showroom. 

Roberto Minotti, Alessandro Minotti

The iconic home

Laura Dunn, Gulla Jonsdottir, Alessandro Minotti, Mary Ta, Beau Dunn

After touring the historic hillside home, guests migrated to Club James (owner James Goldstein’s private nightclub on the property) to view the exclusive James Turrell skyspace entitled “Above Horizon,” a light exhibit. The documentary film ‘Minotti Undiscovered’ was also premiered, followed by dancing and dessert.

Cliff Fong, Michael Towey, Wendy Haworth

Jorell Blanco, Jamie Bush


A selection of Minotti’s iconic pieces such as the Berman chairs and silver Nay table, Hamilton sofa and Cesar and Still tables were mixed throughout the house and outside with the iconic Lautner-designed furniture. This further underscored the timeless and iconic nature of the Minotti design aesthetic in the context of the best in modern design. 

Ron Woodson, Jaime Rummerfield

Rudy Zamora, Ceasar Giraldo


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