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Homepolish designer, Katherine Carter, is best known for decorating the homes of Lauren Conrad and influencer, Marianna Hewitt. Now, she’s coming into your home with her bold, edgy, monochromatic collection in collaboration with The Inside. The London-born designer who now lives in Venice Beach loves to travel and the pieces draw from a global vision. The organic palette’s courtesy of California, the patterns draw their inspiration from the mountains and hot springs of Peru, their refined translation to fabric witness to a British upbringing. We recently sat down with hter to find out a little bit more about the collection: 

How did your product collaboration with the Inside came about? 

The Inside was looking for a designer to create a line of fabric for their furniture. They approached Homepolish, who then asked me if I would be interested. I, of course, said absolutely!

You mention that the collection’s fabric textures were inspired by exciting landscapes you came across while traveling, such as the mountains of Peru. Can you share a little bit about your travels and trip(s) to Peru? Why did you choose to go there and what your first experience visiting like? 

I used to love traveling to cities, but these days I crave being in nature more and more! I chose Peru as a destination because Machu Pichu was always on my bucket list, as was the Amazon. You get the best of both worlds in these parts of the globe. I was blown away by the natural beauty in this incredible country. 

Do you have a favorite piece in the collection and how have you incorporated the pieces into your own home décor? 

I love all of them but I’d have to say the “white fracture” pattern is my favorite. I plan use the wallpaper in my office!

The screens are an unique addition– can you share a little bit about why you chose to include these in the collection? 

The Inside made the call to include screens in the collection, but I was definitely pleased with this unique addition.

The color palette of the collection is very minimal — black, white, grey — yet I don’t think of your interiors as monochromatic, rather they’re characterized by bold swatches of color. Can you talk about how this color scheme and the collection fit into your overall decor philosophy? 

My wardrobe is pretty much black and white and I personally love blacks, whites and greys – I never get tired of looking at these color combinations, especially since they can go with any color you could dream of. Pattern was important to me and sticking to a minimal palette in terms of color allows the pieces to be more easily paired with different interiors.

What are you working on next – do you have any exciting projects coming down the line? 

My dream is to have a healing center in Costa Rica that I completely design from the ground up so this is always in the back of my mind. I am constantly brainstorming new ideas and concepts to bring to the design world, and I would love to use my talents to give back in a significant way.

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