Remaking A Home For Mom In Dana Point


In a bid to get their mother to move closer to them, two brothers worked with designer Erica Bryen to renovate a home for her. Despite the spectacular Dana Point setting they chose, the house was a complete fixer, both inward-looking and closed off to the view of the ocean, so first order of business was to create an immense great room, open to the outdoors with three 18-foot long sliding glass walls. Have a look at the complete renovation (and more) at Bryen’s website.

Below, the kitchen area is open and luminous (and the great room is large enough) that you don’t feel like your always in the kitchen. Thoughtfully, there are two sinks– plus two dishwashers concealed in the custom cabinets. Because there are always dirty dishes.

Where to put the TV is always a challenge. Here, Bryen cleverly integrated it into the paneled fireplace wall above a long, horizontal marble hearth.

PS: Mom loves it! Such good sons.

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