Designer Crush: Breegan Jane


1. How did you get your start in design?

Ironically enough, interior design found me! Although I haven’t always stayed on the straight and narrow, I’ve always been a creative person. I first discovered my love for design when I owned a clothing store many years ago. It was then that I realized how much I excelled in creating amazing window displays as well as designing the entire retail space. I found the experience to be very fulfilling for me personally and professionally. After that, I took on many different creative endeavors but the concept of design has always been present throughout my life. During my first pregnancy, I had a demanding career and had to make a quick transition since sustaining a 120-hour work week wasn’t going to be possible as a new mother. I took a deep dive as an entrepreneur and bought an old home in Venice Beach. I took a chance, believed in myself and used my own resources to utilize my artistic abilities and experiences to earn a profitable income. That was the beginning of truly turning my talents and skills into an interior design career.

2. You’ve done everything from creating music studios to managing international real estate projects — what’s your process for getting to know your clients and their specific wishes and hopes for each project?

Part of what makes me a good radio host, designer and innovator is my ability to ask the right questions and remain a great listener. Those skills, fortunately, translate well in the design world and I’m lucky to be the type of person where others feel that they can open up to really easily. When I create spaces for people to live in, I always acknowledge the fact that their house holds some of the most intimate places in their lives. So it’s important that they trust me with private information, secret vices and daily habits—even something as small as which side of the bed they prefer to have the remote controls on. All of these things affect my clients and in part, affect how I design for them.

3. How has your former career as the creative director and marketing professional for a luxury yacht manufacturer influenced your design work?

At the end of the day, any skills used in the creative or marketing industries depend mostly on visual representation. Design is all about highlighting specific things that deem important to the clients and there is a specific mood that accompanies everything in a person’s business or home environment. My position in the yachting industry allowed me to learn tips that helped me more strongly identify and implement brands effectively in an interior space for commercial clients and residential customers. Also, I was fortunate enough to do a great deal of traveling as a creative director which allowed me to look at design from an international paradigm- which ended up being crucial for my professional development. The exposure helped me hone my unique perspective of residential design with influences from various geographical locations. When people desire exclusive, elevated elements in their homes, I utilize these experiences for inspiration. There are limitless elements to draw from and that never ceases to fascinate me.

4. When did you start blogging, and how did you decide to start documenting your journey as an L.A. mom?

I started blogging many years ago and my blog has gone through a few iterations and evolutions since then. I found my true voice in the blog space when I felt muffled as a woman going through a challenging divorce. Blogging to me really is a personal unveiling of my heart in its many forms. While it does chronical my life as an LA mom, it is more of a peek into who I am as a person.  I get to share heartfelt causes as well as put out ideas that I want to put out selfishly. Writing pushes me to unveil truths about myself and things I care about, several of which include empowering women around the world, supporting seasoned and soon-to-be mothers in addition to sharing my design expertise.

5. Tell us about the e-Mom Tribe and why you strive to debunk certain motherhood myths.

The motherhood journey was a very lonely one for me. Part of that was due to feeling isolated and alone from the moment I became a mom for the first time, even in my marriage. I did not have a safe space to ask questions or be vulnerable about the many new experiences happening to both me and my body. It was so refreshing to meet T. Lopez during my pregnancy and we got the chance to develop a sincere, genuine relationship. We started Mom Life Yo, a radio show and podcast dedicated to all the questions that no one wanted to ask (or answer) and taboo topics that were extremely real but hush-hush in the mommy community. It was important for us to do this because entering motherhood is one of the most challenging obstacles a woman can go through. It’s a pressure-filled metamorphosis that women are expected to magically understand as soon as their first child enters the world- which is usually not the case for a new mom. It’s just one of the myths that I felt I needed to debunk for any mother who would listen. I wanted them to know it’s okay to not know everything. NONE OF US KNOW IT ALL! Mom Life Yo helped me realize the power of one mother when she shares a small glimpse of her personal experience with other struggling mothers. Nine times out of 10, each and every question will resonate with other mothers and the connection becomes a transformative power that uplifts us all. If my voice can be the catalyst for women to experience that feeling more often, I’m in!

6. Describe one of your most memorable design projects to date.

Early in my design career, I had the opportunity to convert an airplane hangar into a living space for a client. It was an enormous task with an even crazier timeline! The project was such a challenging undertaking, but it showed me my true capabilities. I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. But the fact that I—and my client—walked away extremely satisfied was a feeling unlike no other. After that project, I knew I could use my design prowess to make something truly remarkable and breathtaking out of practically anything. 

7. If you could collaborate on a design project with any celebrity client, who would it be and what would you create for them?

One of the most heartfelt projects for me is creating a home space for a new mom. So while I’m fortunate enough to be able to say that I work with celebrity clientele regularly, I’d especially love to work on a home project for Meghan Markle. I love that she is embarking on a new phase for her family, and I want to utilize my own experiences as a mom and interior designer to craft the perfect home that is peaceful for the mom- and dad-to-be. As the journey into motherhood is very important to me this would be such a fulfilling project. 

Lightning Round! 

8. Favorite ice cream flavor?


9. Best Netflix binge show?

Anything in the documentary section.

10. Must-stop shop for kids’ clothes?—virtually every kid outfit under the sun is at your fingertips!

11. First celebrity crush?

Pierce Brosnan.

12. Go-to karaoke song?

Shoop by Salt N Pepa.

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