The San Francisco flat has proven to be a durable and much-loved dwelling type, taking us from the Gold Rush through the Summer of Love and into the Dotcom 2.0 era– with a whole lot of living in between. These three condos are open on Sunday, January 12 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

We shared the lowdown on the top kitchen redesigns of 2013, and we’re thrilled to provide even more home renovation insight, this time on the most popular bathroom styles of the year.

Bonnie Heras was raised among farmers in the Sacramento basin, but her bucolic upbringing hasn't stopped her from delving into more man-made manipulations as a metalsmith and jewelry designer.

There are many custom closets solutions for your home to help turn a cluttered space into an organized haven.

Donald Hensman of Buff, Straub & Hensman built this 1-bedroom pavilion for himself in 1975 and it is on the market after an impeccable renovation.

We are so jazzed to hear that Potrero Hill is welcoming a brand-new – though not unfamiliar - decor staple to the San Francisco Design Center area: a fresh, sparkling Design Within Reach showroom.

From a preference for Danish furnishings to enthusiasm for all things handmade, here are our design predictions for 2014!

As a luau mainstay, the ukulele might not be widely percieved as a cutting-edge instrument.

When musician Benji Madden isn’t on tour, you can find him fine-tuning the interiors of his new 2-bed, 3-bath bungalow in Los Angeles.

Ashley Tudor’s artwork, a line of bronze animal skulls with antlers, is hauntingly beautiful. For some of the pieces, her creation begins when she pulls the trigger of the gun that ends the animal’s life.


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