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When is a parking space not a parking space? When it's a park! The trendy mini-parks are popping up all over Los Angeles and Long Beach, so it's time to relax in style. Check out these three parklets on Long Beach's Retro Row in their East Village Arts District and look forward to two new openings on LA's Eastside later this year.

Get excited for July with our round-up of five new art and design events you'll want to catch!

At CH+D we’re a sucker for beautiful bathrooms, so it's not coincidence that we've partnered with the design science experts at Teevan to offer the opportunity for San Francisco Bay Area residents a chance to win a $35,000 bathroom refresh!

In this week's top five stories from across the web: tour a renowned journalist's eco-friendly home in Santa Monica; drool over a buzzworthy San Francisco restaurant that features a portable cooking station; get tips from designers on how to throw the perfect summer bash; and take your pick at some of San Francisco's best outdoor eateries.

Hal Levitt's own house from the 60s, the home of a major figure in LA's old live music scene from the 80s, and from the late-40s, a house that looks the part.

The creators of Stonehenge and Egyptian pharaohs would have approved. Last Sunday, Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass," the media-friendly sculptural installation starring a 340-ton granite boulder opened to the public at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

New tiles, new lights, new paint, new fixtures… sometimes a bathroom just needs a complete refresh to transform the way you embrace it. Teevan knows that with great design and even better craftsmanship and service, creating your ultimate bathroom can be completed with a dash of design science.

Built at the height of the boom— with room for all that era's excesses, this vast duplex loft is ready to be reinvented. Or at least ready to cruise through this Sunday after brunch.

Our obsession with SF's famed Flora Grubb and her eponymously named Flora Grubb Gardens is well documented. So when we recently got the chance to sit down with Flora for our June 2012 issue, we jumped at the chance. Now, she shares her ideas for letting your green flag fly.

The wine is abundant and so are the views. There’s no better way to soak up the summer heat than with sips at these Wine Country spots, where striking designs and scenery flow as freely as the libations.


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