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The 2012 Olympic Games are officially among us!

Here's an opportunity to see one of Los Angeles' key post-WWII architectural and social monuments, designed by architect Gregory Ain in 1947 and open on Sunday.

If you’re not in London for the Olympics, well, we’re not either. But! This weekend you can get a taste of London a bit closer to home at Executive Chef Casey Lane’s much-anticipated new restaurant The Parish.

One of San Francisco's best small houses is on the market and open this Sunday. A great example of living in small spaces with high design, this 1-bed, 1.5-bath was designed for a couple that spends much of their time in Berlin, but it's not just a pied-à-terre– it's a fully functioning house for two.

Playful modernism perfectly describes the latest Venice pop-up, Ilan Dei Store. Stemming from a design studio with the same name, this new addition to the über-hip Abbot Kinney corridor is without a doubt one of the most inimitable furniture shops out there. 

For more than a century, the mythology and magic of the western United States have been the inspiration for countless novels, films and iconic images.

Looking for another reason to cross the bridge to the East Bay? Many of the galleries that participate in Oakland's popular Art Murmur gallery scene are extending their First Friday festivities to include Saturday hours.

Formerly a silent repository for precious wines, today’s wine caves beckon with sparkling lights, mesmerizing art and the tinkle of wine glasses. Slip away from the summer heat with these cool wine caves you won’t want to leave!

There are three open houses this weekend worth going to in Venice/Santa Monica– a condo (above) by Michael Folonis, one by Michael Sant, and a house by Mark Mack. Click on the addresses for more images and information.

What to do, where to go and what to see: Check out these fabulous SoCal events happening this weekend!


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