Designed by architect Rebecca Binder of Binder Architects, the minimalist structure wears a subtle, contiguous mural by Nancy Monk and Randy West. Open on Sunday January 8 from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Art Fair  The L.A. Art ShowGallerists, designers, curators, and collectors, listen up. L.A.’s premier art fair kicks off 2017 with 150,000 square feet of exhibition space featuring more than 90 galleries.

It's officially Awards Season. Are you ready? From this Sunday's Golden Globes all the way to the Academy Awards February 26, you'll want to be glued to your television screen for all the memorable red carpet moments, heartfelt speeches, and (fingers crossed) cringe-worthy fashion disasters.

Where: 1174 Hillcrest Road, Beverly HillsAsking: $30,000,000A little less conversation, a little more down to business.

With architect Bobby McAlpine, designer/developer Rena Gleason spent over a decade creating one of the Wine Country’s exceptional estates. It’s on the market for $21.5M

1. Who is your biggest role model? The great minds of the mid-century modern movement - who have introduced a whole new philosophy of design, production and use. Depending on the pieces we create, we often find inspiration through the works of such greats as Calder, Aalto, Prouvé, to name a few. 2.

Three listings this past year that somehow evoked a deep personal connection.

Ready or not, 2016 is coming to an end ("READY!!!" - literally everyone). If you were too busy these last few weeks marveling at the year's neverending insanity and/or eating all the things (see: holidays), you may not have had time to make New Year's Eve plans. Relax.

1. Who is your biggest role model?My biggest role model is my grandfather. He passed away 17 years ago, but he taught me so much. He really sparked my interest in design because he was a master builder and could make anything with his hands.

Robert Stone’s Acid Dorado and Rosa Muerte are a pair of intimate desert oases in Joshua Tree, perfect for a weekend re-set with Champagne and the night sky.


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