From 1945 through the first half of the 1960s, Arts & Architecture Magazine commissioned a series of model homes from some of the most acclaimed architects and designers of the time, including boldface names like Neutra, Eames, Koenig, and Saarinen.

The best estate sales are full of mystery and melancholy, not to mention great finds and bargains. No one understands this like Old Hat, a company that stages some of the best ones.

Architect Mercedes Corbell's Oakland home proves that color may be the most powerful weapon in a designer's arsenal.

As a design blogger, it is easy for me to get lost at times in the beauty of decorative objects. After hours spent perusing furniture catalogs, designer portfolios, and myriad homes on the web, I've got to remind myself to come up for air and get some perspective. Sure, that $7,000 sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture, but what is it really going to bring to my home, other than an extra place to sit? It's not these types of objects that make a home, it's the personal touches lovingly created, gathered, and treasured by the occupants within. 

I fondly remember falling head over heels in love in my first few weeks at college in Southern California.

We're just weeks away from Halloween, and even if you won't be dressing up for the holiday, trimming your home with spooky decorations is, while not mandatory, the sign that you're still at least somewhat getting into the spirit.

I love it when a clever design stops me dead in my tracks. But it's even better when, upon further investigation, I discover the designer is from right here in the Golden State.

When I've got a little extra money in my pocket, I treat myself with something sweet. When I have a little more cash (a rarity), I crave not shoes, jewelry, or other typical trappings of wealth. No, it's original artwork on which I splurge. So San Francisco artist Paul Ferney's sumptuous cake paintings satisfy both my big and small cravings at once. Each one is a little dollop of sweet perfection. I only hesitate to purchase because I'm quite certain having one around would cause a sharp increase in my consumption of Miette baked goods, already reaching dangerous levels.

Furniture companies rolled out their fall offerings months ago, and if their catalogs are any indication, we're now supposed to be fluffing our homes with thick wool throws, cushioned couches, and other nesting items. But this is California!

You might recognize this knockout bathroom below from our August 2008 issue or our inspiration room gallery.


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