Coming Together

I regret not taking a glass-blowing class in college. Admittedly I'm clumsy as an ox, and being in a room of molten glass and delicate finished pieces sounds like a recipe for disaster, but

With mortgage rates so low, it's time to check out some homes I could actually buy... or not.

When it comes to creating a perfect wedding day, divine design comes from paying attention to the smallest details. So, in this case, it might be worth it to sweat the small stuff such as the cake topper.

New York's annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair never fails to delight, with furnishings from California designers that stood out to be among the world's best.

1. Topex Hardware’s newest collection of knobs and pulls feature some serious Swarovski sparkle. 2. Sub-Zero’s versatile integrated-column refrigerators are 27 inches wide and don’t have to be matched side by side, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. 3.

1. British designer Finn Magee’s Flat Light comes in a limited edition of 50; the poster hangs on the wall but lights up just the same. 2. Maison Martin Margiela’s trompe-l’oeil door stickers may have guests running into walls but it’s worth the delightful tone they bring to any room. 3.

City Center is home to the hottest new addresses on the Las Vegas Strip, offering three reasons to rethink the question: But would you really want to live there? There are reasons to visit Las Vegas—casinos, pool parties, Cher—and there are reasons to go back—shopping, dining, Elton.

Ugh, it's the first full week after our Monday holiday on the 5th and I must say, It. Is. Dragging. Seriously, it's only Wednesday? Already I'm in desperate need of a "Calgon, take me away" moment. Thankfully, Janus et Cie has me covered, no steaming bath required.

Everyone deserves to be put up on a pedestal every now and again, be it a special occasion or, perhaps even better, just a Tuesday. In a similar vein, most everything–be it the mundane trappings of life or the beautiful–looks better on a pedestal.


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