Throughout California and the world, highrise buildings are a key–if not exactly beloved–component of the modern landscape. Endearing they're not, but what can be seen by some as an eyesore, is simply "home" to many others. Out My Window, an interactive documentary funded by the National Film Board of Canada, aims to capture the stories of those who live inside these concrete towers.

You know how sometimes when you're thinking, really trying to get those creative juices flowing or find a solution to that problem, and you just need something peaceful to focus on? To pick up and hold for a minute? Enter this small bronze swallow sculpture from Santa Monica artist Anne Ricketts.  It's the perfect size to sit on a shelf or desk or nightstand (just 1 x 3.25 x 1 inches) and the perfect sweet, calming influence.

    Using a palette of redwood, brick, concrete and glass, Carl Marston built this home in the Hollywood Hills for himself and his family. It's been completely renovated and is on the market for $3,250,000.

Finding furniture with true character used to take a lot of legwork. Visits to estate sales, workshops, and thrift stores can eat up an entire weekend if you're not careful–fine if you've got something to show for it, but a definite letdown if you end up empty-handed.

I live in a tiny abode and try to be neat and organized, I really do.  But there's always a last-minute scramble to get out the door without forgetting anything—jacket, mail, paperwork, keys, you know the drill.  When I saw the Muir Wall Coat Rack, I didn't lose a second before looking around for a wall for it.  The pure and simple functionality, the storage slot, the gorgeous reclaimed wood, well, be still my heart.

This knotty-pine extravaganza is perfect for both Pilgrim-themed parties and reenactments of your favorite 60's sitcoms, and it's on the market. If you move fast, you should be in by Thanksgiving.

If it was especially hard to get out of bed this morning, blame the chill in the air that seems to always coincide with the first of November. It's that, or your bare hardwood floors.

At an estate sale, when you are looking through the personal effects of a recently deceased person, it's easy to feel like her spirit is close at hand. If the owner of this Russian Hill Victorian is around and trying to convey a message, it's one of joy.

Inspired by Japanese design, Jason Lees' Float Daybed with Table is simple and understated, practical and beautiful.  It's also modern yet timeless. Made-to-order in the Bay Area, the size, wood, finish, and number of tables are customizable.

  Sometimes, we want to make our own places to live that are just as individual as our professional careers.  Artist/entrepreneur John Holmes did just that at his compound in Penngrove, in Sonoma County, but he hasn't had much luck selling it.


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