I was so inspired by the amazing (and unconventional) design work being done in felt and the range that was being shown with a single material, I decided to do a little round up of paper art and design. 

Let's just start with what we know about felt. Felt can be less than designed at times, but it can also be amazing. 

In honor of summer, we put up a collection of our favorite outdoor rooms we've shot over the years. We then asked our readers to send in their own outdoor rooms - and here they are! Which one inspires you the most? Vote!

While a weekend of brilliant weather left not a cloud in the sky up here, you wouldn't know it based on the design world's latest offerings.

Please join us in welcoming Artistic Tile to San Francisco with a private reception at Showplace East! Join your fellow Bay Area architects and designers to eat, drink, and mingle with pride alongside the world's most beautiful stone and tile!

Is it wrong to be contemplating fall when we've yet to even step foot into summer? If so, I'm afraid I can't help it. Ever since junior high and the ritual of picking out a new backpack and school clothes, fall has held a sense of design renewal to me.

For weeks you’ve gotten a view into the domestic fantasies of Editor in Chief Sarah Lynch through her “I Could Live Here” posts

The thing about Martha is this: She's good, and like Cher, she doesn't even really need a last name anymore.  And as much as a lot of people love to hate Martha Stewart you can't deny the style.   You're trying to deny it.  I know.  

No, we haven't switched our name to Midwest Home + Design. Confusingly enough, OHIO Design is actually based out of San Francisco's Mission District, and has been for about 10 years.

In need of a dose of garden inspiration this weekend? My little balcony is looking as sad as can be, but I have a feeling if I took a trip to Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria, CA it would be back to blooming in no time.


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