Art For All at Tappan Collective


Art can be the most intimidating part of decorating any home. Where do you start? How do you connect with young, emerging artists? 

Tappan, a digital art gallery committed to bringing art back into the common conversation, is one answer to the problem.  Their mission is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art, going beyond the traditional art paradigm to showcase exceptional emerging talent through digital content, art exhibitions, and strategic partnerships. By purchasing through Tappan, you’re investing in the careers of artists, bringing daily inspiration into your life, and supporting the future of the arts. 

Launched in 2012 and christened after the University of Michigan’s Tappan Fine Arts Library, which had fostered her love of art, co-founder, Chelsea Neman Nassib had a vision to connect leading emerging artists to new and seasoned collectors across the world, while supporting artists in their efforts to explore and evolve their practice. She would provide transparency for buyers and curate a platform that made art accessible for all. She hoped to eliminate the stereotypes that have long encumbered the art buying process, opening up the gates that have left many people, who love art but don’t consider themselves experts, standing out in the cold. 

A lofty goal, for sure, she was recognized for the success of her achievements by Forbes, who awarded her their 30 Under 30 in 2018 on the Art & Style list.

One testament to Tappan’s mission is their Artists in Residency Program. They provide free studio time and invest in supporting an artist’s development through exhibitions and partnerships while also helping them connect directly with collectors. They also offer an artist’s exchange program, aligning domestic and international artists with exchange homes and studios to explore other perspectives and locations. 

Prices start at $60 (ceramics by Matthew Trygve Tung) and include works by notable artist such as Gia Coppola (limited edition photographs for $100), Satsuski Shibuya (watercolors start at $235) and Jonni Cheatwood (mixed media on canvas starting at $5,200). Tappan offers everything from curatorial services for corporate and large-scale projects to working one-on-one with personal collectors, streamlining the process of sourcing, buying, curating, installing and shipping.

To peruse the full range of works, and to learn more about Tappan’s programs, click here