Now You Can Sleep in a Tequila Barrel Because Why Not?


When we started seeing headlines singing the praises of a tequila barrel hotel, we had to investigate. And sure enough, if you venture 45 minutes outside the town Guadalajara, you’ll hit Tequila, Mexico, home to Matices Hotel de Barricas (which literally translates to “expression of barrels”). Unsurprisingly, the Jalisco town is considered the birthplace of the plant-based alcohol, and if you’re a fan of the blue agave elixir, you might want to cozy up in this unusual property’s unique accommodations. 

According to blogger Shea Powell of The World Up Closer, “the interior design is ‘tequila’ inspired—from the small trash cans to the key ring holders.” And because the rooms are located a stone’s throw from the hotel’s host distillery, Casa Cofradia, the guest experience is pretty immersive. Visitors have the opportunity to “harvest agave, ride a tequila-themed train, take a distillery tour, try their hand at authentic tequila distilling, and hand paint their own souvenir tequila bottles,” writes Mike Richard at The Manual. The boutique hotel only has four rooms—called casitas—and each features hand-painted headboards painted by a Jalisco artist and details created by Tequila craftsmen.

If you feel the need to venture from your own personal tequila haven, you can hit The Tavern of the Cofrade, the hotel’s restaurant-bar that’s located 4.5 meters underground and features a menu of Mexico’s five states that includes the denomination of origin of Tequila: Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas, as well as a variety of house specialties. And if you’re feeling in the mood for some more highbrow tequila culture, visit La Cofradía Tequila Site Museum, which traces the beverage’s history and cultural relevance through five exhibition halls.

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