Elephante Brings Southern Italy and North Africa to Santa Monica


Seasoned restaurateur Nick Mathers, the visionary behind The Eveleigh, Goldie’s and Little Ruby in Los Angeles, opens his newest restaurant, Elephante. Mathers, who was the lead architect and designer on the project, was inspired by a recent trip to Southern Italy, specifically the picturesque island of Pantelleria, which sits between the coast of Italy and Tunisia. The name itself comes directly from the origin of inspiration and is named after Arco dell’Elefante, a rock structure just off the coast of Pantelleria in the shape of an elephant.


That level of detail is carried throughout the restaurant’s décor and can be seen through its custom creations such as the restaurant’s handmade terracotta tiles, terrazzo stone floors, copper beer towers, stone covered bars and matte black and wooden espresso machines. There is certainly a delicate inclusion of international flair, with buhera baskets, garlic gourds and tobacco boxes flown in from Zimbabwe, stools and wooden bowls from North Africa and vintage rugs from Morocco. 


Mathers choice for Elephante’s location, which sits on a rooftop in the heart of Santa Monica, provides vast ocean views yet still embodies exclusivity thanks to its covered Brazilian Tiger-wood deck. In line with California’s coastal casual ambiance, the entire space encourages you to sit back and lounge, whether on plush blue sofas surrounding the bar and fireplace or low seating facing the restaurant’s gorgeous backdrop.