Get Clear On Design: L’Eclaireur


On the occassion of their two year anniversary, L’Eclaireur has reimagined the interior of its French Regency-style chateau on Robertson Boulevard into something even more compelling 

The French retailer was originally founded by Martine & Armand Hadida in a gallery space on the Champes-Elysees

Swirling together art, fashion and interior design, the Los Angeles outpost, curated by their daughter Meryl Hadida-Shaban is at once whimsical, elegant and luxurious, an Alice in Wonderland cornucopia of discovery and delight washed with French flair.

The interior’s formerly white walls have been replaced with exotic burnt orange walls. Lush green Fornasetti wallpaper pairs with their whimsical furniture and accessories, transforming the first floor. Upstairs on the second floor, rare Philippe Hiquily sculptures share space with Carol Christian Poell’s latest line of clothing. 

L’Eclaireur, 450 N Robertson Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90048, 310.360.0262