Get Glamping at Mendocino Grove


I am not a camper. I have never been a camper. My friends make great fun of me for my distinct lack of camper qualities. However, with the advent of “glamping,” I have been gifted a second shot at wilderness credibility (well, sort of). And after seeing the refined style (and real bathrooms!) of Mendocino Grove, I’m tempted to reconsider my self-imposed lifelong ban on tents. 

Located on Mendocino Coast, the destination’s modern nature-driven design creates a cozy, comfy, and rustic feel, but with a surprisingly polished twist. San Francisco interior designer Wade Hine of Wade Hine Interior Designs is the mastermind behind the property’s nostalgic camp vibe that weaves in the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

Visitors will find fun features throughout Mendocino Grove, starting with the campsite itself. Forget the paper-tin sleeping accommodations of your youth—each site here is equipped with a classic canvas safari-style tent on a platform deck. Expect some snazzy touches like crisp white cotton sheets, flannel bed covers, reclaimed wood side tables, natural wood beds, and textured leather butterfly deck chairs. The bathhouse—yes, a bathhouse!—features upgraded materials like Carrera marble for counter tops, stainless steel sinks, and classic white ceramic floor tile juxtaposed with whimsical redwood framing and corrugated steel dividers. The spa showers—spa showers!—were fitted out with all white subway tiles, white shower curtains, soft hotel-style towels, and EO brand soaps—soaps!

Guests will also have access to a pavilion-style open plan deck area that serves as a common ground gathering place for morning coffee and tea, continental breakfast, and group yoga sessions. The deck area includes wicker bucket chairs and occasional tables, and there’s a nearby fire pit surrounded with wool blanket-topped aged grey Adirondack chairs and serpentine boulders harvested from the property. Visitors also have easy access to nearby experiences like sea cave kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, wine tasting, and canoeing on Big River.

If you’re ready to glamp it up, visit for all the info.