Design Destination: Apparatus’ New LA Showroom


It seems fitting that the new Apparatus showroom is located in a neighborhood just west of Paramount Studios peppered with art galleries and prop houses. The design studio’s pieces, from lighting to tables to chairs, seem to straddle the line between art and theatre, illuminated by a touch of silver screen magic.

It’s also a coming home of sorts for the NY-based brand. Creative director Gabriel Hendifar, an LA-native of Iranian descent, studied costume design at UCLA and worked in fashion here. It’s also where the studio got its start: Hendifar and his partner, Jeremy Anderson, who had just moved in together, were unable to find lighting that matched their aesthetic. So they fabricated their own, launching Appartus in 2012. That impetus — to create things that they would want to live with — explains why their pieces, created from aged brass, etched glass, leathers, marble and porcelain, feel so compelling.

Their first West Coast showroom, carved out of a former television production studio, filters their polished vintage aesthetic through a Southern California lens. Clerestory windows, located fifteen feet above the floor, give the 5,000 square foot space, with its hand-troweled plaster walls, veneer accents and rounded arches, an ethereal glow. It’s a fitting backdrop to work that, with its tension between masculine and feminine, past and future, polished and hand-made, is both visionary and down-to-earth.

Apparatus Studio,  1021 N McCadden Pl Los Angeles, CA 90038, 310.935.4575