Lighting Designer David Weeks At Casa Perfect, Los Angeles


The Future Perfect is aptly named. The environment-based shop, which places stunning furniture, accessories and lighting in a real space, highlights the store’s knack for sussing out pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. If you’ve never visited their itinieration in Los Angeles, Casa Perfect, currently housed in a glamorous hilltop mansion in Beverly Hills, complete with breathtaking views, that once belonged to Elvis Presley, now’s the time to make an appointment to tour the premises. The bonus is that they’re presently highlighting the lighting designs of NY-based David Weeks, whom they’re representing exclusively in California.

David Alhadeff, The Future Perfect’s founder, calls Weeks, who launched his studio in 1996, “the grandfather of lighting” (Weeks prefers the term O.G). His ethereal designs are the predecessor to the work of Appartus Studio and Lindsey Adelman. Delicate and elegant, they seem poised for flight. “I’ll have an inkling,” he explains of his creative process, “that if I put this piece on the end it should balance and eventually it does, after doing it over and over and over again;” it’s no wonder that his work seems to be the physical embodiment of his curious and peripatetic mind.

That Weeks studied sculpture and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and worked in the studio of jewelry designer Ted Meuhling is clear; his lights are truly gems for the home, sensual, organic and immediately compelling. While distinctly modern, their elegant lines easily slip into traditional and contemporary spaces. “It grew out of necessity,” says Weeks, “It was that time of discovery when you went to the flea market on 26th Street in NY and that’s where it was all born.” Beginning at a metal fabricator, his first foray into lighting was a collection of tin desk lamps which he showed at ICFF. That led to a commission to create work for a cavernous loft in Tribeca. “The mobile in the entryway was designed the elevator shaft there,” Weeks remembers and he continues to experiment, “If I can make a rod thinner, why not?,” says Weeks. Why not indeed? 

David Weeks at Casa Perfect, call 323-202-2025 for an appointment. For more about Casa Perfect, click here.