The Greek Escape


Barclay Butera shares his favorite moments from a recent trip to Mykonos

Barclay Butera finding locally made goods at Chora Art Home & Design

What inspired your trip? I always wanted to go to Mykonos and Santorini to see the grand architecture, the natural light, the beautiful plastered buildings and the blue accents everywhere. It’s a really soothing, coastal town. Plus, there’s the mystery of going to the Greek islands.

A shop selling rare textiles in the village of Mykonos

How did this trip differ from previous excursions? I met my good friend Paul Lavoie, who is also an interior designer, in Mykonos, who is also an interior designer, so it was fun to be in Greece with someone who shares the same passion for design and architecture. Mykonos has so many interesting places to enjoy and great people-watching. We explored the beach clubs and nightlife because people definitely go to Mykonos to have fun. Santorini is more of a romantic getaway. It’s a fresh, beautiful town with small restaurants where the focus is on the ocean, the views and the magic of it all.

A picturesque view from Sea Satin Restaurant in Mykonos

What cues can California designers take from the design community in Greece?Greece has a great selection and variety of textiles with a lot of color. Although most people consider me the white and blue designer, I like to add pops of color to my projects and products. This trip really inspired me to push more in that direction with my upcoming lines. I was also inspired by the way the buildings were built and their character.

Inside a cabana at Principote, Panormos

What was the best moment you experienced while there? The sunset in Santorini and the beach clubs in Mykonos.

A shop selling rare textiles in the village of Mykonos

How did the trip influence your design work? I am inspired by blue and white details and how the Greeks have a very casual way of living on the island with softer color tones. H

The magical windmills in Mykonos


COCKTAILS: The Belvedere Hotel

BEACH CLUB: Scorpios


DESIGN BOUTIQUE: Chora Art Home & Design