Moment To Arise: Blackbird House


Blackbird House, designed by Bridgid Coulter, is a creative co-working space, tilted towards women of color, that officially opened just before Halloween. The actress, interior designer and wife of Don Cheadle founded the social club based on the pillars of productivity, wellness and community. A recording studio, a cafe and a growing roster of classes underline those principles.

Photos throughout by Stephanie Macris

Though the interior was a bit of a mash-up, courtesy of the previous tenants, “the bones were excellent,” remembers Coulter of the industrial building, located in Culver City just off Overland and right new Sony Studios. That included original bow-truss ceiling and a “birdhouse” in the middle of the space. Coulter, who also runs her own interior design firm, Bridgid Coulter Design shouldered the renovations. 

“The project came about at lightening speed, so we had to move quickly, jumping right into developing a concept around which to center the design,” she recalls, “We wanted the space to feel chic and professional and attractive to any gender, but to also feel warm and inviting, like home.” The building’s grey undertones and hard materials made the cavernous, nearly 12,000 square foot space feel cold. “While the building’s owner welcomed us to customize the space for our use, they were very fond of the design that we inherited and didn’t want too much change.” Coulter devised a workaround, creating a vibrant color palette and shifting several partitions to improve the flow of the space.

Despite the restrictions, the resulting space is warm, cozy and inviting. “We were able to provide minimal space planning and still make a large impact due to layers of color with paint and fabric” says Coulter, including custom built-in banquettes covered in luxurious Una Malan ombre velvets. Live plants and a large living moss further enliven the space. “So many people walk in and say it feels like home!”