First Jayde


Project M Plus revives an abandoned Beverly Glen Market for a new generation.

Good design is not just important in homes and restaurants, it permeates every area of our lives, informing how we interact with the world around us. Even a mundane space, like a small grocery store, a necessity in the hills of Los Angeles where a carton of milk may mean getting back in the car for a half hour, benefits from the principles of good architecture and space planning.

Certainly when Beverly Glen Market closed in 2017, residents crossed their fingers that the something new that was being planning would be as welcome and as useful as the something old had been. Under the aegis of Project M Plus upgraded the old building, transforming a dark dilapidated store into Jayde Market, alight-filled upscale neighborhood marketplace with a European flair, designed to feel like an extension of the homes in the neighborhood. 

“Based on our previous work and the fact that we’re a one-stop shop, from architecture and interior design to branding, we were hired us to rethink the old space. We wanted Jayde to feel like a neighborhood market so we took our design cues from small, urban European markets we’d experienced. We had to think about layout and create a full grocery store in a small, derelict building.”

The first step was establishing a new entry point and understanding how customers would experience their visit. Now a full-glass ceiling atrium creates an uplifting first impression and sets the tone for the whole market. “We added skylights, layered pendants, and designed light-box signage to illuminate way-finding which brought a lot of natural light into the space.” Porcelain herringbone flooring, white oak paneling, galvanized flower vases, and brass finishes lend a distinctly European flair. Custom white oak shelving within the market wash the space with a sophisticated farmhouse feel. 

A bottle shop and a deli, a cafe and a flower shop add up to a congenial and welcoming marketplace with an intimate and welcoming vibe. And the reaction from neighbors has been positive. “This is mini market is a blessing in our neighborhood. They have a great costumer service, it’s clean and everything is fresh,” writes one customer. “For a small store, this place has great selection,” writes another, “What you get here is the best.” Confirmation that great design has great impact. 

Jayde Market, 2964 Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles, CA 90077, 310.773.9483