Los Feliz’s Cara Hotel: The Hostess with the Mostest


The casual spontaneous joy of southern California is often hidden behind the glamorous front it shimmies into for visitors. Look past this burnished exterior, set off to dazzling perfection by sparkling waters, azure skies and swaying palm trees, and you’ll find a sun-kissed, free spirit whose warmth invites you to make yourself at home

Los Feliz’s new Cara Hotel captures this laid-back mood. The name, which means “friend” in Gaelic”, nods to the property’s underlying sense of comfort and welcome. Located in the foothills of Griffith Park, in the shadow of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory, the 60-room property embodies the inventive, peaceful vibe of Southern California.   

Originally built as a motel during the 1950s, the space has been transformed over the past year and a half into a restful respite from its busy surroundings. Built around a central courtyard, a dining venue, expansive outdoor seating areas and a serene outdoor tranquility pool invite guests to stop and bask in the sunshine.

The neutral palette puts the focus on relaxation. Light oak herringbone and cream limestone floors, textured ivory textiles, and vintage wood pieces set off work by photographers Natalie Obradovich, a modern-day Slim Aarons, and Isabell Aubin, whose imagery seems torn from magazines of the 70s and 80s. They’re joined by choice items from local artisans, including lighting, ceramics and steel designs. Breezy patios and private courtyard balconies blur the line between indoors and out while century old olive trees provide dappled shade, settling a magical aura over the spaces.

The pleasures of connection and company forged over shared meals is highlighted by the hotel’s two eateries, Cara Restaurant, helmed by Executive Chef Michael Patria, and Cara Bar & Coffee. Seasonal ingredients used for inventive cocktails and elegant dishes revel in the bounty of California produce and its family-driven farms and support local winemakers practicing biodynamic and organic principles.

Cara Hotel, 1730 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (831.241.8763