The Parisian Pearl


Caviar Kaspia makes a splash in L.A.

For the courtyard, Alexis Mabille took a cue from 1940s Hollywood with the furniture. The blue found on the edges of the umbrellas and the linens is the restaurant’s signature shade. The teal plasterwork was created by Kamp Studios. Photos by Pablo Enriquez.

Iconic Parisian destination Caviar Kaspia is known for celebrating the oceanic delicacy that is synonymous with the good life. For its new location, now open on Melrose Place, the owners enlisted Night Palm’s Tiffany Howell, fashion designer Alexis Mabille and plaster masters Kamp Studios to forge a West Coast setting worthy of the edible pearls on the menu. “We wanted to respect the heritage of the Parisian original while tweaking elements to ensure it felt like a true ‘Californication’ of the brand,” says owner Rahav Zuta.

Photos by Pablo Enriquez.

Outside, guests are enveloped by dusty-green, fluted plaster walls crafted by Kamp Studios and luscious vines that lead to an arched entryway, all inspired by 1940s Hollywood. Inside the downstairs dining area a rich teal overtakes the walls, complementing the brand’s signature blue, which edges the courtyard’s umbrellas and linens created by fashion designer Alexis Mabille.

Alexis Mabille specified the green marble wraparound bar that links the interior and exterior spaces. Oxidized and polished brass and wood paneling is backed by a round mosaic of the sturgeon and square motif that adorns the Caviar Kaspia space in Paris. Photos by Pablo Enriquez.

That influence snakes its way to the top of the stairs, where Mabille conjured up a green marble wrap- around bar and a glamorous living area. “I knew this would be where everyone would be taking selfies,” says Night Palm’s Tiffany Howell, who oversaw the redesign of the welcoming space. “It gives everyone a beautiful golden glow.”

In the living room, Murano sconces and chandeliers illuminate a room of bespoke furniture covered in Perennials soft velvets, which invite lingering. Kamp Studios is responsible for the bronze fireplace wall. Photos by Pablo Enriquez.

Soft Perennials velvets in shades of gold and bronze cover bespoke furniture that invites guests to linger over Chef Corey Burgan’s twist on the Caviar Kaspia menu, which highlights its signature Baked Potato. “We’re beyond wowed with the outcome of the design,” says Zuta. “It has a lived-in patina that makes it feel as though it’s been here for years.” Open the champagne. The party has just begun.