Visible Connection


Discover divine design inside one of New York City’s finest furniture salons

Inside the first-floor grand salon, the Taylor sofa by Garcé & Dimofski faces a chair by Minjae Kim.
Photos courtesy of The Invisible Collection.

“The townhouse we found in the heart of the Upper East is exactly what we were looking for—a home where artisans have worked to provide a backdrop for our collections of furniture, paintings, straw marquetry, rugs, embroidery and other metiers d’art,” says Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, cofounder of The Invisible Collection, an online marketplace of bespoke furniture and objects.

Located on the Upper East Side—just on the edge of Central Park—is their newest physical showroom, dubbed “the townhouse,” a salon- style space that houses a rotating selection of furniture and collectible pieces from their esteemed roster of contemporary icons including Pierre Yovanovitch, Charles Zana, Laura Gonzalez, Kelly Behun, Campbell-Rey, and many more. “We wanted a unique place that is not a flagship but a true home with new atmospheres,” Dubern-Mallevays notes. “Every three months we propose a new story, a new scenography with solo shows or group shows of interior designers.”

On the first floor, the Mimi dining table by Garcé & Dimofski is surrounded by Studio Giancarlo Valle’s Fin chair.
Photos courtesy of The Invisible Collection.

Designed in partnership with Lisbon-based multidisciplinary design studio Garcé & Dimofski, the 1,752-square-foot former home boasts a classic exterior with an equally detailed interior that offers the perfect backdrop for the evolving collection of contemporary work. “The first floor houses the Grand Salon, a space where The Invisible Collection features solo shows by world-renowned design talents,” she says. “A separate room overlooking the garden welcomes a rotating selection of iconic pieces available via The Invisible Collection, while the ground floor features an expansive library with a selection of books from 7L, a Parisian bookshop founded by Karl Lagerfeld.”

The townhouse perfectly captures the brand’s essence and savoir-faire while honoring the exhilarating energy of New York City. “There is a real knowledge of design talent in the U.S. and a taste for superior craftsmanship, which is supported by very informed lifestyle journalists and media,” Dubern-Mallevays remarks. “For me, nothing is more important than to respect the city and the culture of the country where we are. The locations of the different showrooms vary greatly as they each uniquely reflect the cities and culture that surrounds them, but they share one common point: beautiful libraries and art.”