The Sunset Escape


Alison Pickart creates the perfect Northern California vacation destination using color, print and love

In the living room the area Rug is from Architectural Design Carpets, the sofa is by Jayson Home and Garden and the painting is by Elizabeth Gorek. Photos by Matt Sartain.

“My motto for design and design projects is simple—if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right,” says designer Alison Pickart. “I like to be colorful and bold with my designs while keeping a close eye on functionality, scale, and practicality. Striking that balance, although sometimes challenging, is what makes a project truly rewarding in the end.”

In the dining room, the Eos XXL feather chandelier is from Lumens, the Easton bar tool set and Neils etched coups are from Crate and Barrel. Photos by Matt Sartain.

She applied her zest for vibrant design inside this 3,200-square-foot, four bedroom home in Marin that her husband fell in love with during an open house visit due to the vast views. “I thought he was crazy because it needed a ton of work,” she exclaims. “We originally purchased the 1920s Craftsman-style bungalow as a guest house for our extended family and friends who visit regularly which allowed us to fix up the house bit by bit when no one was staying with us.”

The dining room features CW Stockwell’s iconic Martinique wallcovering. Photos by Matt Sartain.

Following the 2020 Santa Cruz fire, a family who needed to relocate to a furnished home, moved in until their house was rebuilt which gave Pickart and her team time to feel re-energized about further transforming the home into something exciting and profitable. “We spent a majority of the lockdown renovating a vintage building (where we now house our design studio), converting the two second floor apartments into AirBnbs,” Pickart recalls. “I figured, why not turn the house into a fantastic destination using the same formula we used in the apartments: infusing the space with fluffy high-end bedding, pre-vetted dishes, flatware and barware, cozy furnishings, art and accessories that we would propose to any client of ours—basically our ‘list’ of everything we love!”

Artwork from Lost Art Salon and the Ocelot wallpaper by CW Stockwell make this small office space so special. Photos by Matt Sartain.

Being it would become a mini boutique hotel and she didn’t have to deliver on any client goals, Pickart’s goal with this space was to create a fun, playful, and delightful unpredictability environment. “I wanted people who stayed here to find inspiration in the schemes we put together and a perspective that would send them back to their own homes thinking yeah, I could do that in my house too,” she notes. “I wanted it to feel a bit like a boutique hotel in that sense that each guest got their own special experience within the greater stay.”

In the primary bedroom, the white Eyelash fringe bedding is from Crate and Barrel, the table lamps are by Serena and Lily, the outdoor furniture is by Terra Outdoor Living that is covered in Go To Stripe in Shell by Perennials. Photos by Matt Sartain.

Now known on Airbnb as the ‘Baywood Guest House’, the colorful destination features an array of wallcoverings and fabrics from the historic and iconic brand CW Stockwell, who Pickart partnered with to curate the Instagrammable stay. “Our vision was to create a reunion-ready rental where color, patterns, and modern twists abound,” she says. “We wanted every guest to feel like they could kick up their feet and settle into the room that best matched their style.”

Another guest room features Brooks table lamps by Visual Comforts resting on antique side tables from Antiques Legacies. The bedding is by Crate and Barrel. Photos by Matt Sartain.

Aside from the dreamy design, they were able to achieve an open floor plan while maintaining intimate areas for finding respite. “Our open plan allows guests to dine at the table without missing a word from the living room conversations—vital because, as we all know, the fear of missing out  (FOMO) is real,” Pickart laughs. “You have ample space for drinks and great conversations, and unique rooms to retreat to at night. The breathtaking views of Mt. Tamalpais and the tree canopy in the canyon below are simply unforgettable.”

A vibrant bedroom features a variation of CW Stockwell’s famous Martinique print. The wooden stool is by Sunrise Home, the bedding is by Crate and Barrel and the rattan lamp is by Serena and Lily. Photos by Matt Sartain.

The final result is a joyful home above the clouds that wraps one in cozy, dynamic design offering the perfect place for a girls weekend or family getaway. “You can’t help but feel a sense of happiness while also feeling calm, as if you are far removed from the hustle and bustle,” Pickart remarks. “If ever I can’t locate my husband, there’s a good chance he’s up napping on the sofa or taking in the view with his phone off—It might just be the best spot in town to catch a sunset.”

The artwork (wall next to curtain) is an oil on canvas by Gerald Wasserman found at Lost Art Salon. The Adirondak Herringbone throw from Well Made Home sits atop bedding by Crate and Barrel. Photos by Matt Sartain.

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