A Modern Moment


Shands Studio gives a historic Presidio home new contemporary edge

Bird deterrent glass by Ornilux opens the home up to the surrounding landscape while protecting the wildlife. Photos by David Wakely Photography.

“Establishing Shands Studio in 2006, the emphasis of my work during the past 15 years has been to create thoughtful design solutions with integrity and purpose from the initial concept carrying through to the construction details.  Each project is specific to the client and site, aiming to enhance the experience of the space,” says architect and founder Barbara Shands on the driving force behind each project.

IInterior designer Gary Camaisa selected furniture pieces that complemented the modern addition.
Photos by David Wakely Photography.

Shands and her team applied their approach when creating a very unique and specific addition made of steel and glass on a historic home in S.F.’s Presidio neighborhood. “The weather is often windy and cool,” says Shands. “The client wanted to create a space where they could feel the outdoors. The original house is relatively dark so there was also a desire for the rooms to be filled with natural light and connected to the landscape.”

San Francisco Green Spaces cultivated a lush landscape.Photos by David Wakely Photography.

The 700-square-foot addition on the 4,700-square-foot home gave the family of four open, airy spaces where they could not just entertain but feel more immersed with the surrounding nature. “With the addition conceived as a series of flexible spaces encouraging flow from the lawn on the East to the patio on the West, we were able to connect the home to its garden setting and the outdoor spaces,” she notes. “The slim profile of the Sky-Frame glazing system and mitered glass corners create a sense of being within the landscape.”

Photos by David Wakely Photography.
Gilleran Energy Management advised on how to keep sustainability top-of-mind when building the new structure.
Photos by David Wakely Photography.

“We are proud of how the contemporary design of the addition respects the historic integrity of the original home. The Japanese inspired landscape and minimalist design approach is a reflection of the client’s sensibilities and contemporary lifestyle while honoring the Presidio materials and color palette,” says the designer.”