Beach Beautiful


Huit crafts a contemporary beach cottage for an active family

Custom kitchen cabinetry feels like furniture in the kitchen with a set of pendants from Allied Maker. Photos by Chad Mellon.
Cassill worked with architect Dave Firth to open up the main living spaces.
Photos by Chad Mellon.

“I interview the entire family to find out how a space will be used and by whom, then I create a curated mix that feels as if the client has been collecting items for years using their own coveted pieces as well as sourced and integrated finds,” says designer Tania Cassill, founder of huit, on how she begins each project.

In the dining room, a vintage farm table sits below a light from Allied Maker.
Photos by Chad Mellon.

When starting to work on a beach home for a family of four with a very active lifestyle, durability and flexibility remained top of mind. “There are always people coming and going and lingering around the pool,” she says. “Both of the daughters are into surfing, the dad plays volleyball and sails, the mom is in charge of everyone’s schedule and entertainment.”

A Royal System Shelving Unit by dk3 designed by Paul Cadovius, sits in the media room. Photos by Chad Mellon.
Wallcovering from Artistic Tile sits behind a pair of sconces by Urban Electric.
Photos by Chad Mellon.

The main goal when starting the renovation of the 1,800-square-foot cottage was to make the small structure feel more expansive, while maintaining the . “The house is very small and was chopped up,” says Casill. “The architect Dave Frith and I wanted to open it up and create a seamless flow to give the illusion of more space.”

A Phillip Jeffries grasscloth sits behind a bed by Restoration Hardware.
Photos by Chad Mellon.
The lighting in the master bathroom by Michael Smith for Kalista complements the floor tile. Photos by Chad Mellon.
Photos by Chad Mellon.

Walls were kept white throughout to place focus on the clients’ dynamic art collection. The kitchen, which serves as the central hub of the house, features eloquent custom cabinetry that is as beautiful as the furniture in the adjacent living spaces. “I chose to tile the face of the island as it faces the living room adding interest and intrigue,” Cassill notes. “Although the three areas are defined, they definitely speak to each other.”

Photos by Chad Mellon.

During the final reveal, tears of happiness were shed for their new home. “The wife was very visual, so it was hard for her to imagine through the planning stages how it was all going to come together,” says Cassill. “When she walked in after the initial install she was elated!”